2018 Lecture on the pipe organs of Europe for RCCO Members – Victoria, BC

2017 Electronic music performance at Fanfulla 5a – Rome

2017 Electronic music performance at Centrala – Birmingham, UK

2017 Lecture on Improvisation at Hochschule für Musik –  Frankfurt am Main

2017 Lecture on Distortion at Institute for Musicology, Marburg University – Marburg

2017 Noise and Spirituality electronics/pipe organ performance – Frankfurt am Main

2017 Blake Hargreaves Artist Talk at Das Kapital – Berlin

2017 Electronic music performance at Punctum – Prague

2017 Electronic music performance at Villamanuela Festival – Madrid

2017 Pipe Organ Improvisation Performance at Oasis Musicale – Montreal

2017 Pipe Organ Improvisation Performance at Suoni per il Popolo – Montreal

2016 Lecture on the pipe organs of Hungary and Serbia for RCCO Members – Ottawa

2016 Two performances in collaboration with Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Montreal

2016 Organ Performance at Subotica Cathedral — Subotica, Serbia

2015 Moderator of a symposium on ambient music at POP Montreal – Montreal

2015 Moderator of Reading and Listening with Arto Lindsay at POP Montreal – Montreal

2015 Live soundtracks for weekly silent film screening at Le Ritz PDB — Montreal

2015 Baby Brain short film (composer) awarded Remi Award at Worldfest – Houston

2015 Baby Brain short film (composer) at New York Shorts Fest – New York City

2014 Baby Brain short film (composer) at Toronto International Short Film Festival – Toronto

2014 Lecture on the music of Jean Langlais at St. Matthew’s Church – Ottawa

2013 Moderator of a symposium on the music industry at POP Montreal – Montreal

2013 Moderator of a symposium on music in video games at POP Montreal – Montreal

2012 Organ performance at Église Sainte-Brigide de Kildare – Montreal

2012 Guest organist at St. Matthew’s Church – Ottawa

2011 New Work by Edouard Lock, LaLaLa Human Steps – World tour, 94 performances

2011 Postlude at St. Matthew’s Church – Ottawa

2011 Clinton Machine Spring Tour – Canada/USA six performances

2011 Organ improvisation concert at St James United – Montreal

2010 Performance at All Tomorrow’s Parties – Minehead, UK

2010 Performance at Instants Chavirés – Paris

2010 Organ improvisation concert at St James United – Montreal

2010 Performance at Mutek festival – Montreal

2007 Amjad, La La La Human Steps production – World tour, 140 performances

2009 Je Me Souviens, hommage a Pierre Mercure, commissioned work – Montreal

2006 STOP contemporary dance production at Vancouver International Dance Festival

2006 STOP contemporary dance production at Guangdong Modern Dance Festival

2006 Cousins of Reggae Summer Tour – Canada/USA seven performances

2004 Nimbus Summer Tour – Canada/USA six performances

2003 The Waxathon Fall Tour – USA four performances

1999 Premiere of Song Cycle for Children at St. George’s Church – Kitchener

2017 Recording the Pipe Organs of Europe, Online Journal
2016 Escutcheon Book & CD, Montreal
2013 Beurk Bank no2, Montreal
2013 Beurk Bank no1, Montreal
2010 Nirvana in Negative, Sept Âmes, Montreal
2007 The Vice Photo Book, Vice Publishing, New York
2007 Interview in AA Magazine, Detroit
2015 Open Studio, 305 Bellechasse Residency
2014 Unchained Malady, Bethlehem XXX Montréal, curated by Bethlehem XXX
2013 Unchained Malady, SAW video Ottawa, curated by Lesley Marshall
2008 Spook, Nota Bene Montréal, curated by Russel Hemsworth
2014 Sanctuary, Pavillion 110 Cowansville, curated by Jonathan Reid Sévigny
2013 Ouate the Tape!, Rats9 Montréal curated by Collectif Rats9
2013 According to no set of rules, Montréal curated by Johnanna Heldebro
2009 Soirée VICE au Lieu UniqueLieu Unique, Nantes France curated by Vice Publishing
2007 Cousins of Reggae, V&A, New York curated by Victoria Donner
2007 Get a Life, Darling Foundry, Montréal curated by Margaret Haines
2006 Satellite of Love, ArtPOP, Montréal curated by Margaret Haines and Patrick Dyer
2016 Escutcheon Book & CD, Montreal
2012 Institutional Prostitution Ku$hi $hi $hi LP, Fluorescent Friends, Montréal (as producer)
2010 Clinton Machine Gettin’ Personial LP, Inyrdisk, Toronto
2009 Cousins of Reggae Methridge LP, Olde English Spelling Bee, New York
2009 Cousins of Reggae/Lubriphikatttor LP, Galerie Pache, Paris
2008 Dreamcatcher Team Come True CS, Ecstatic Peace!, Northampton USA
2007 Dreamcatcher Prom Night LP, Angle-Rec, Montréal
2007 Cousins of Reggae Quartz LP, Spanish Magic, New South Wales
2006 Cousins of Reggae/Mouthus LP, Olde English Spelling Bee, New York
2006 Elliot Sharp & Reinhold Friedl Feuchtify CD, Emanem, London (as recording assistant)
2005 Dreamcatcher Nimbus LP, Fluorescent Friends, Montréal
2004 Cousins of Reggae Summa Slamma LP, Ohnono, Montréal
2001 State of the Union 2.001 anti-censorship 3xCD, curated by Elliott Sharp, Electronic Music Foundation, New York

2017 Studies in pipe organ improvisation at Liszt Ferenc Zeneakadémia — Budapest
2016 Studies in pipe organ improvisation with János Pálúr — Budapest
2015 Painting residency, 305 Bellechasse — Montreal
2006 – 2012 Resident Composer, La La La Human Steps — Montreal 
2004 – 2008 Resident Composer, Go-On Productions — Montreal 
Production / Curation
Video Production Coordinator – Canada Council for the Arts Governor-General’s Literary Arts Awards – Ottawa  2014
Programming Committee Member – Eastern Bloc New Media Centre – Montreal 2012 — 2017
Program Convenor – Royal Canadian College of Organists – Ottawa 2013 –
Symphony for Schools Coordinator, Ottawa Symphony Orchestra – Ottawa 2013
Guest Curator – Suoni Per Il Popolo music festival – Montreal 2005 — 2017
Producer, Artistic Director – Cool Fest Concert Series – Montreal, New York City 2007 – ongoing
Artistic Coordinator/Co-Producer – Get a Life: Nuit Blanche at the Darling Foundry – Montreal 2007
Artistic Coordinator/Co-Producer – Earthunder Benefit for the Elders of Turtle IslandAlmonte, Ontario 2005
Assistant Producer – CPAC Television –Ottawa 2009 – 2010
Parliamentary Press Gallery Intern – CTV – Ottawa 2008
Freelance writer, editor, production assistant – CTV National News, CBC News, National Post –Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto 2006 – 2007
Graduate Diploma in Journalism – Concordia University 2007
Bachelor of Independent Studies (4yr. thesis) – University of Waterloo 2002
Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) Summer Academy – Centre Pompidou, Paris 2000

Citizenship: Canadian and British


“It has been my privilege to work with Blake over a number of productions and I never cease to be impressed by the scope of his compositional abilities, and the nuance with which he addresses theme, texture and structure in his works (…) I’ve worked with him over a five years span and I’ve done so because he can navigate well between the theoretical and the practical. He’s generous with his time  and contributes to the art community regularly and in a sustained fashion. He’s someone that can be counted upon and someone who’s indisputably very talented.”

Edouard Lock

Director, LaLaLa Human Steps


“Editorially and in a production sense, you know how to tell a story and keep a listener’s attention with words and sound. And I hope that you pursue journalism when you leave Concordia. The profession, not to mention the business, needs people who can think critically and articulate a point of view carefully and with reason. You did that consistently in this course and that was a pleasure for me to hear. Thanks for a good and worthwhile fall Blake.”

Peter Downie

Senior Lecturer

Graduate Program Director 2007

Concordia Broadcast Journalism


“Blake’s interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with Senators, Members of Parliament and their staffs. Blake was instrumental in helping me on a project in my capacity as Chair of the consultative group on the Heritage Lighthouse Preservation Act. I found Blake to be reliable, thorough, meticulous and innovative.”

Honourable Pat Carney. P.C., C.M.

Senator Retired


“Blake was a sophisticated and motivated student, and showed a rare range in his interests and talents. He combined a passion for playing and composing with a mind for exploring theoretical writings on ethnomusicology, music and psychology, as well as new approaches to counterpoint theory.”

Elliott Sharp




Dreamcatcher A Team Come True CS – Mimaroglu Music Sales “Best of 2008”

Clinton Machine – Gettin’ Personial – CJSW Best of 2010



Clinton Machine – Gettin’ Personial

CJSW: Peaked at #1, Best of 2010

CKUT: Peaked at #1, in the top 10 for a month

CHUO: Peaked at #4, in the top 30 for two months

KZSU: Peaked at #22



“Mr. Lock seems to attack the ballets that inspire “Amjad,” but the score, credited to Gavin Bryars, Blake Hargreaves and David Lang and performed live, is a bright spot.”

Gia Kourlas, New York Times


“The score is also an abstraction, deconstructed from Purcell and Gluck’s operas by composers Gavin Bryars and Blake Hargreaves, and rescored for piano, violin, cello and saxophone. It is great music: you can hear the originals in there, but they are wilfully and enthrallingly reconfigured as jazz and minimalism, infusing these baroque scores with a rock energy.”

Judith Mackrell, The Gaurdian


“Every f***ing track is a masterpiece.”

KZSU 90.1 Stanford University, CA


“…his debut as Clinton Machine may be seen as a sort of coming out of the woods, a surprising turn that successfully captures even more aspects of his musical personality … an undeniably solid set of rock tunes … with their diverse rock touchstones, the quality of the Clinton Machine tunes makes them work the vast majority of the time … an exciting new direction for a very dynamic artist.” 8/10

Travis Bird, Foxy Digitalis USA


“The kind of deliriously free rock that feels so caught up in the tradition that it’s perpetually ten years ahead. And not a whiff of skank in sight.”

David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue / The Wire, UK


“Another key piece of Canadian content is The Waxathon by Blake Hargreaves LP (Fluorescent Friends) … the brunt of this f*cker is lovely … the music here really moves around in your head like a little truckload junk, looking for just the right corner in which to take a dump. In ways it has some textural similarities to the Midwest and Northeast U.S.underground space- core-improv scenes, but its flavors are unique and it also features two of my favorite song titles of the month “I beat cops up the rope ladder ” and “I am standing on a f*cking mountain.” The story of my life. In song!”

Byron Coley / Arthur Magazine, USA


“Cousins of Reggae follow-up their killer Our Mouth CD with a side of post Harry Pussy avant garage scorch that’s listed as History And Prehistory Of Hudsons Bay In Five Parts and reads like a massively updated rundown of variously torched scum/noise strategies as applied to skateboard-carrying avant gardists with a penchant for the slackest aleatoric metal. Unbelievable… Highest possible recommendation.”

David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue / The Wire UK


“a vortex of bludgeoned 90s metal-zone, burnt politics, and low-end attitude that will confound and bewilder, careening your understanding of the sanctity of modern living.”

Weird Canada