First performance of The Waxathon, 2003

The Waxathon LP is music created playing guitar, turntables, homemade electronics, tape, and voice. I recorded it live in a boarding house in Toronto in 2001-2002.


“Another key piece of Canadian content is The Waxathon by Blake Hargreaves LP (Fluorescent Friends). It ‘s not entirely clear what the artist ‘s name is, but the brunt of this fucker is lovely. The sound goes all over the place, crudely distorting vaguely post-core motion through the use of creaky guitars, spoon-darkened vocals, some kinda goddamn electronic hijinx, and presumed turntable leakage. Sounding like the hand-picked gems from many months of vastly stoned late night jam sessions, the music here really moves around in your head like a little truckload junk, looking for just the right corner in which to take a dump. In ways it has some textural similarities to the Midwest and Northeast U.S.underground space-core- improv scenes, but its flavors are unique and it also features two of my favorite song titles of the month “I beat cops up the rope ladder ” and “I am standing on a fucking mountain.” The story of my life. In song!”
Arthur Magazine, Los Angeles USA 2003


“Blake Hargreaves very recently moved to MontrĂ©al and has brought with him

boxes full of his first vinyl release “The Waxathon”. A solo

multi-instrumentalist, he wields wounded turntable, guitar, microphone and

home-made tone generator to chaotic effect. While this is definitely “noise

music”, it is full of sudden bursts of joy as well as very pretty moments.

This is fresh and exciting! “

Afterhours Magazine, Tokyo Japan 2003