DJ Proud Father vs. DJ Rod Duchamp battling on VCRs

FRIDAY December 9, 2011 7PM – 2AM

Metalux (NYC/Baltimore)
O Voids
Omma Cobba (Toronto / Sweet Rot Records)
Pon De Replay (ex-MTL/now-Toronto, Pleasance records)
Man made Hill (Toronto new LP on Pleasance)
Simon Delage
RAAS (Ottawa / member of the Unireverse)
Framboos (QC)
The Pederast (Toronto)

SATURDAY December 10, 2011 2PM – 7PM
Screening of Xavier: Renegade Angel
Lizmax Yogazone w/ Music by Prime Cuts Hammond Ri
Bataille Solaire
Eternalife (Kyle Fostner)
Body Count Dracula (Brian Mitchell, Mat Oxley)
Self Surgery (Ottawa / Bruised Tongue CEO)
Steve Jr.
Frasier Crane

DJ battle using sound from VHS tapes only
DJ Proud Father vs. DJ Rod Duchamp

SATURDAY December 10, 2011 7PM-2AM
ISA Christ (NYC)
Chansons D’amour
United Waters (NYC / member of Mouthus)
Gastric Female Reflex (Toronto / Beniffer Editions)
Roman Pilates (Toronto / Wintage Records and Tapes CEO)
Institutional Prostitution
Films by Joshua Bastien & Leyla Majeri

COOL FEAST: Delightful Dishes at nice prices by Natasha Pickowicz

Menu is a homage to San Diego Mexican food (horchata, pork posole, ropa vieja + cotija tacos, deconstructed California burritos)

Reflections on Cool Fest XI:

Cool Fest Eleven marked the return to La Brique and the absolute perfection of the event. A policy of ‘bring your own cans’ was introduced, which solved millions of problems. The concept of a guest chef, using the kitchen to sell food to festivalgoers on their own, independent of the fest, was discovered, and former Ithaca impersaria¬†Natasha Li Pickowicz¬†created dishes expanding the field of programming at Cool Fest to the taste buds. The concept of a lounge at the back of the live room that seats about 5 people with a small television playing David Lynch movies all weekend was pioneered. The first ever VHS DJ set in the world ever was pulled off. Performances were outrageously good. We had a Yoga class with live music. Xarah Dion resumed co-booking and organizing, along with Carlo Della Motta. Nearly everything worked perfectly. Because that is how we roll.