December 19, 2009

Bill Nace (Northampton MA)

Lori Napoleon (NYC)

Cat Pontoon (Montreal)

Holy Cobras (Ottawa)

Sick Llama (Detroit)

Cotton Museum (Detroit)

Yamantaka//Sonictitan (Toronto)

Monday Morning Erection (Montreal)

Total Crush (Ottawa)

+ installation of light and sound effects by Blake Hargreaves and Dominiq Alexander

Hosted at Eastern Bloc new media centre by Blake Hargreaves



Monday Morning Erection photo by Pierre Richardson

Reflections on Cool Fest 9:
Cool Fest 9 was crucial, it showed it could survive outside of the original venue, and not just survive but thrive and be different with a theme. It was held at Eastern Bloc and billed as a sound/light experience inspired by Mountain Girl. The end result was a variety show on a lot of different levels, in an ideal space, that was throughly enjoyed. It marked the first time we had an sound/art installation at Cool Fest, co-created by myself and Dominiq Alexander. It was my first truly single-handed Cool Fest and I got the venue I wanted, the performers I wanted, and the crowd I wanted, it all came together smooth like that as it does.