Saturday December 15th 2007
Gym Sweat
Metis Yeti
Black Feelings
Gold Sword
Leopard et moi
Panopticon Eyelids
Many Mental Mistakes
Wax Attic

Sunday December 16th 2007
Le Sentier Lumineux
Pon de Replay
Black Dad
Monday Morning Erection
Les Momies de Palerme
Yomul Yuk
Les Enfants Sauvages

Hosted by Fluorescent Friends and Ample Collective at La Brique



Day 1: 1.Drainolith – 2.Gmackrr – 3.Gym Sweat – 4.Metis Yeti – 5.Black Feelings – 6.Lakka – 7.Gold Sword – 8.Leopard et moi – 9.Panopticon Eyelids – 10.Many Mental Mistakes – 11.Thames – 12.Wax Attic – 13.Ghettonuns – 14.Whilst Day 2: 15.Le Sentier Lumineux – 16.Pon de Replay – 17.Black Dad – 18.Monday Morning Erection – 19.Shoebomber – 20.Les Momies de Palerme – 21.Dreamcatcher – 22.Yomul Yuk – 23.Les Enfants Sauvages – 24.Akisakila




Reflections on Cool Fest 7:
I met Xarah Dion and the other residents of La Brique, Marie Davidson, Asael Robitaille, Simon Delage, and Jean-Philippe Girard in the summer of ’07 when I called them looking for a venue for Baltimore’s DJ Dog Dick, Jimmy Joe Roche and Rubbed Raw. They were happy to provide their home, a huge loft they took over from squatter-addicts in the upper part of Montreal’s beautiful Av Du Parc. Mostly young music students from Quebec City, this group proved the most agreeable partners for hosting a show I had ever experienced. Later that fall I realized how many bands I knew, and my new La Brique friends knew, that we loved, who did not know each other, and how throughly we could blow their minds by putting them all on the same bill. It snowed all weekend, mid-December, at winter’s darkest. 24 performances of harsh noise, stoner rock, post free-jazz winkie, a band that sounded like Flashdance cut with Kid Rock, it was all over the place. Minds were opened and the meaning of Cool Fest and its intention was made manifest for the first time. The event was pay-what-you-can, and we used the proceeds to produce a CD with samples of every performance at Cool Fest. I edited this and every track is platinum.