This series is about working with different patterns and brocade designs, and combining them with abstraction. I gather several designs of different cultures, regions, or perspectives of beauty, to place on the same plane to interact with paint.

The patterns and designs represent ideas or perspectives. Every person brings a new perspective to the world, and their own perspective may change several times a day. But there are some constants that we can recognize from different cultures and histories.

Life gets interesting when these perspectives are allowed to interact. When we look at each other in the midst of a discussion of ideas, we should be reminded of our shared humanity, and of the living quality of our ideas. Our ideas and perspectives mutate and transform as they live. And they are different based on the contexts in which they are found and viewed from.

A cultural mosaic imagines fixed units of culture arranging themselves in a pleasing design. A melting pot imagines a movement towards homogeneity. Melted mosaics imagine a state of gentle, constant fusion, that begins long before two pieces of culture or perspective find themselves next to each other… it beings with the idea of moving to be next to something different from yourself.