I begin with intuitive creation, inspired by daily habits like fact-finding, economizing, being antinationalist, and questioning the moral implications of these pursuits. I then look at the work with the cold, rational analysis of my childhood Sunday dinner table conversations, gently abstracted, because my heart and mind are shaped more by music than language. As a concept reveals itself to me, the work is driven to completion. I am interested in the use of humour, beauty and irony, to dissolve and absolve prejudice and groupthink.

I invite you to click on a series on the left, to see the works from that series which will be selectable on the right.

Prices range from 300 to 2000.

2013 Unchained Malady, SAW video Ottawa, curated by Lesley Marshall
2008 Spook, Nota Bene Montréal, curated by Russel Hemsworth
2014 Sanctuary, Pavillion 110 Cowansville, curated by Jonathan Reid Sévigny
2013 Ouate the Tape!, Rats9 Montréal curated by Collectif Rats9
2013 According to no set of rules, Montréal curated by Johnanna Heldebro
2009 Soirée VICE au Lieu UniqueLieu Unique, Nantes France curated by Vice Publishing
2007 Cousins of Reggae, V&A, New York curated by Victoria Donner
2007 Get a Life, Darling Foundry, Montréal curated by Margaret Haines
2006 Satellite of Love, ArtPOP, Montréal curated by Margaret Haines and Patrick Dyer
2013 Beurk Bank no2Montréal
2013 Beurk Bank no1, Montréal
2010 Nirvana in Negative, Sept Âmes, Montréal
2007 The Vice Photo Book, Vice Publishing, New York
2007 Interview in AA Magazine, Detroit