In 2006 I collaborated with choreographer Edouard Lock and composer Gavin Bryars on the creation of music for the ballet Amjad, for the La La La Human Steps dance company. In 2010 we reprised the partnership for the ballet New Work by Edouard Lock 2011. 

Lock’s baroque gothic ballets are inspired by classical works. Amjad, by Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty, and New Work by Purcell’s Dido and Aneas and Gluck’s Orpheus. I used LPs of these works played through a mixer with a feedback loop in it to create the synthetic electronic sounds in my music. These sounds are a result of the influence of the overtones of the source pieces as they interfere with each other.


You can listen to the music, or buy it in high quality digital format with embedded artwork, using the links below.

New Work by Edouard Lock 2011
AMJAD 2007